Hello Sophomore year!!

All moved into my VERY FIRST apartment EVER with three lovely roommates! (I’ve never cooked so many times in one week) It’s a great location 5mins from the School of Music,  cleanly kept, open and friendly. Just the perfect first apartment!

To catch up with my life in Madison thus far:

  • Ensemble audition- Yay for wind ensemble again! Excited to play some great repertoire- keep an eye on our concerts!
  • President of Arts Enterprise Student Association -SO much work!!! But I love it, plus Stephanie Jutt is our faculty advisor! My goal this year is to create a greater community of networking artists on campus through Arts Enterprise. CONNECT! www.artsenterprise.wisc.edu www.facebook.come/artsenterpriseUW artseneterprisemadison@gmail.com
  • Got access to UW School of Music’s “Music Career Services!” If you’d like to advertise anything or know of a gig let me know and I can post it up! It automatically posts on School of Music Facebook page too. http://wiscmusiccareer.wordpress.com/
  • Classes include: Music Theory, Music History, Flute Studio Class, Wind Ensemble, Venture Creation (for my entrepreneurship minor. Fancy huh?) Super excited!
  • Sadly, I’m too busy to keep up my summer internship at MusicUnboxed…however, I’m so glad to have found its director Nicole Camacho on the train (literally, after Robert Dick’s lesson). They are ALWAYS LOOKING FOR INTERNS!!! Email her if interested nicolecamacho@gmail.com She’s a great person and you’ll learn a lot of music/business/networking stuff from this experience! I’m hoping to be back on Music Unboxed’s board in the future though! www.musicunboxed.org and www.facebook.com/musicunboxed

To wrap up, my life has been very busy and I’m loving the feeling of being a workaholic ❤ Right now I’m being productive at Indie Coffee (newly discovered, awesome place!) chilling with my roommates, and then hearing my boy’s performance on the radio tomorrow. Life is too good

P.s- UW-Madison offers FREE wordpress workshops! Must go to improve this website. Check it out here! www.doit.wisc.edu/training/student/